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Saki 1100W Digital Display Sous Vide Cooker

Adel Nouvel
Perfect Meals Every Time

As a food photographer and cookbook author, I prepare multiple dishes daily and I am always on the lookout for new kitchen tools. So, when 2 months ago I decided that it was time to add a sous vide cooker to my collection, after a thorough research, I chose Saki Sous Vide as it ticked all the boxes – it is powerful, yet compact, affordable, can be set both manually and though the WiFi app, and, in additions, I really liked the design.

I have now been using it a few times a week and the possibilities are endless. I’ve cooked everything from fish, to meat, to poultry and vegetables, and I am very pleased with my purchase. It is very simple to use, convenient, quiet, with good water circulation, the display is easy to monitor and the thermostat is accurate, and, most importantly, the food has amazing flavor and texture and is cooked to perfection every time. I also use the sous vide cooker for rewarming food without worrying that it will get overcooked as the temperature control is reliable and consistent.

I’ve had no drawbacks so far and, based on my experience, I highly recommend this device!

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Scott Starbuck
Great cooker, ingore the phone app.

Read the other reviews and you see that the software for the phone app is useless. True, but the cooker is excellent. It is superior to most of the over $100 cookers on the market now. Using the cooker with the built in features is straight forward if you follow the simple included directions. The cooker it self is well made and sturdy. The 1100W is very quick to heat the water and the temperature is true (I tested it with an instant read and the temp was off by 2 degrees, this could be due to the size of the container) and it maintains the temperature with minimal fluctuations. I highly recommend it for your sous vide cooking. The bright red color is a great conversation starter.

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Lin Holt
Takes your culinary talents to a new level!

Until the day we bought this we never had heard of sous vida. The word popped up on an Steve Rinella's outdoor article on cooking wild meats so we researched and bought this gadget. We thought, no way would this really work. Our first experiment was with wild caught Coho Salmon. Oh my gosh, it was wonderful! Cooked to perfection! Salmon is easy to overcook! We brought and held it to the correct temperature for salmon and then took the fillets out of the bags (just used freezer Ziplocs, clothes pinned to the side of the pot) and finished them off on a very hot grill for a lovely smokey finish. Second experiment was with NY Steaks from Albertson's grocery store. We put them in the pot with the sous vida set for Medium rare, came home five hours later, got everything else ready, tossed the steaks on a hot grill after letting them cool for a few minutes and they were cooked to perfection! Tender, juicy and exactly the way we like them. This particular brand, Saki, was unknown to us and a middle of the road price (about $90.) We were skeptical but when we posted about this on Facebook, many people told us they had one or that is how top restaurants get their wonderful steaks and fish prepared. So...love this gadget, love this brand, Saki, and will use this often. Next up....Tri Tip Sous Vida! I highly recommend this brand and this method of cooking.

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  1. 1. Put the Saki Sous Vide Cooker in a pot full of water.
  2. 2. Set the temperature and the time, manually or via the app.
  3. 3. Place food in a sealable bag and just drop in the pot. When the time is up, remove the food from the bag and enjoy it! Bon Appetit!

What is Sous

Vide cooking in 2 Minute, how to medium rare steak


Rare centers? Extra dry edges? Not anymore! Designed to amplify food’s natural tenderness, flavors, and juices, the Saki Sous vide Cooker will save the day with spectacular restaurant-quality tastiness. Homemade, timesaving, master-chef-levels cuisine at your fingertips. The best part? You can control it from your couch!



Master fabulous feasts through the Wi-Fi smart remote control. Control the SAKI sous-vide immersion circulator with the cool app, right from your phone.Our Touch and Go cooking philosophy sets you free. Escape the kitchen. Step into the future. Cook from a foam-filled bathtub or from your comfiest couch.



Simplify your life with a selection of must-have features, such as a temperature sensor, timer, remote APP-based control, stainless steel pump, flow direction control, and a 100%-adjustable clamp. With Saki, you've got yourself a best-in-class kitchen appliance. Take your healthy-cooking experience to the next level while saving more time.



If you love cooking, then red is your match. A dashing addition to any contemporary kitchen decor. Sleek, handy, compact, easy to handle and clean, call it your new helping hand or magic wand. Its premium quality stainless steel housing is guaranteed to last for many years. Meal prep veggies, meat, ribs, rice,steaks, and beyond – all cooked to award-winning perfection.