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Saki Electric Samovar Tea Maker With Porcelain Tea Pot

Abdolmohsin Alhaidar
I purchased a double pot system that is used ...

Before I purchased this unit, I purchased a double pot system that is used on a stove and made great tea, until one day I left the house and forgot the stove on (very low) however when I returned home the pot was bone dry, red hot and almost burned my house. Bought this unit, makes fantastic tea (remember 2gm tea to 6 oz water) , of course I left the house forgot to turn unit off. When I returned several hourse later, there was still great tea and no hazard. If you like tea, and drink it daily do yourself a favor and buy this samovar, but do not leave it turned on unattended.

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Yasemin Altintas
LOVE! Great company, great product!!

Many of my friends speak highly of the SAKI tea pot so I was very tempted to try it out myself! I purchased this item in March and it worked perfectly for a few times but the boiler lever became loose and no longer worked. This was only after 5 uses. When I contacted SAKI they were SO accommodative, understanding and easy to reach! I received my replacement teapot the same day!! Wow. Amazing customer service.

I've since used the new teapot many times and I've had zero issues!! It works perfectly and the tea does taste much better! The water always stays really hot so I never have to worry about it when I'm hosting guests!

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Wonderful Tea Samovar

My husband is middle eastern from Iraq and they lover their tea. For years he has talked about how great their tea is and how he can not replicate it here in America. Finally, I figured out the needed a samovar. The tea needs to be gently steeped on steam for 20-40 mins, and this electric kettle does exactly that. The tea that comes from it (granted you need the correct black leaves and spices) compares to the tea made in Erbil. I as an American can now make tea as good or better than any of my husband's Kurdish women family members. The electric boiler works well, takes about 20 mins to boil with room temp water around 66F. Then about 20-40 mins of steeping, depending on the darkness you want. It keeps the tea at a perfect drinking temp, not boiling hot but perfect to drink right away. The whole thing has a nice design that is tall (doesn't fit under my cabinets with pot on top), made of nice quality material and has a medium weight. The tea pot is made of porcelain, which is best for steeping tea. Has a nice infuser, made of good quality. The holes are small, very small but not mesh, so very fine tea leaves can get through (use cheese cloth if this is an issue for you). If you want to reheat the tea next day, it takes HOURS (2-3), not great for reheating but great for steeping and keeping warm throughout the day. Love it. Should keep us happy for years, should have bought it years ago. Was a great gift!

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If your happiness is a hot cup of tea, this is your new Happy Station.
Practical, simple, and effortless, Saki Samovar is every tea lover’s fantasy with comfortable handles for quick & safe pouring and an oh-so-easy-to-clean tea filter infuser.


Saki Samovar tea maker machine

If happiness is a hot sip of herbal tea, meet your new Happy Station.



A gorgeous addition to any modern kitchen, at home or at the office, the SAKI Samovar kettle is an expertly crafted fusion of premium materials including porcelain and stainless steel. Its equally functional AND fabulous design honors oriental inspiration with a contemporary chic style.



Backed by our 100% Made-in-USA Guarantee, the SAKI Electric Samovar multi-use hot water kettle is a perfect “Samovar electric tea kettle”, “Persian tea kettle” or “Turkish teapot”, “Persian tea kettle” or “Samovar electric tea kettle.” And because we want you to happily sip more tea, stress-free, we offer a 1-year warranty.



For the love of tea, use the “Keep Warm” feature to keep up to 3.2 l of water piping hot for hours. Delight your guests with 1.5 l of freshly made tea from the finest white porcelain teapot – excellent for brewing both small and large leaves of strikingly lush herbal tea. Absolutely TEA-licious!



Dreaming of consistent full-bodied herbal flavors? Or homemade pristine tea? The built-in SAKI large loose-leaf tea infuser has a ruthless strainer. After extracting the strongest savors from every possible leaf, it releases the clearest and most vibrantly aromatic treat for your taste buds. Palate indulging in every way!